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Adam Jasinski is a nationally recognized public figure, TV personality, public speaker, writer, and licensed mental health and addiction interventionist.
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Book: Introduction
 What were you doing last night? Were you pacing the living room? Were you sitting at the kitchen table, watching the clock on the microwave with your hands clasped in a silent prayer? Were you wondering where your son was? Were you worried something had happened to your daughter? Did you wait and watch as 10:00 p.m. turned into 3 a.m.?

If you spent last night or any number of nights doing this, you may have an ugly suspicion growing in the pit of your stomach. Something has changed, but what? Is your daughter coming home at all hours, not herself, out of it? Is your son sneaking out of school? Are his grades slipping? Have you noticed dilated pupils, slurred speech? When the worry is eating at your nerves as you’re staring at that clock, the idea that your child is using drugs has probably popped into your head. But it’s such an ugly thought, so when your child makes it home and the worry abates, you shove it aside. It’s just teen angst. It’s just how kids are.
Chapter 1: Addiction 101: the Making of an addict
It is estimated that 1 in 12 Americans over the age of 12 are addicted to drugs. Drug prevention programs ought to be targeting middle schoolers and elementary students, not just teenagers. By the time a child reaches 14, it’s often too late. By 18, three out of four children have tried drugs. Parents, though, like to believe that only children subjected to terrible home lives and poverty succumb to addiction, but that just isn’t true. Addiction is a disease, and it does not discriminate.

 A middle class child can come across these dangerous substances just as easily as an abused child living well below the poverty line. If you have a suspicion that your child is using, one of the best ways to confirm or deny that suspicion is to take the time to understand what addiction is. In peeling back the layers of addiction, you will find patterns and signs that are common to all substance abusers because they are connected to the very nature of addiction.
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